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DIY Wedding Tips: Chalkboard Signs

The Pavilion at Lane End Conference CentreThe wedding chalkboard trend has been gaining momentum since 2013 and there are no signs of slowing down. In fact, it remains one of the strongest wedding trends for 2017.

Sites like etsy, and pinterest are flooded with many new creative ideas being added daily. Chalkboards on these sites include all sizes, shapes and prices, so take your time to find something that suit your style and budget. 

There are so many new takes on the traditional chalkboard sign, for example individual chalkboard place cards, a chalkboard guest book and chalk board table plan. However, these can quickly add up and end up being quite expensive. 

Visit Etsy store Chalkboard Quote for many beautiful chalkboard signs for sale. 

If you are planning a DIY wedding and want to keep the budget under control, then consider these ideas for making DIY chalkboard signs: 

-    Table Plans: Find an ornate frame, paint the inside with chalkboard paint and you will have a beautifully framed chalkboard. Ask your friend with the neatest handwriting to write your table plan. Chalkboard pens are amazing and very easy to write with. 

-    Chalkboard Globe Table Plan: This is perfect for a destination wedding. Simply find and paint a world map globe, draw the outlines of each continent with chalkboard pen, name your tables after continents and write the guest names on each table in the corresponding continent. 

-    Menus: Find an old plated-silver tray with a pretty edge. You can pick these up really cheap in charity chops. Paint the inside of the tray with chalkboard paint, write the wedding menu on it and place it on a plate stand to display. 

-    Wedding Favors: There are so many ideas for creative chalkboard favors. However, one of my favourite ideas is painted Christmas tree baubles for a winter wedding (pre-Christmas obviously). Write the guest names on the individual baubles with permanent chalkboard pens. They can then take it home to hang on their trees. 

-    Chalkboard guest books: Choose a piece of cardboard or wood, paint it with chalkboard paint and use it as your guest book on the day. This can then be framed or even used for bespoke products such as a coffee table with glass covered surface. 

These are just a few of many wonderful ideas to use DIY chalkboards for your wedding. We hope you will find these to be useful and inspiring. 

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