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'Get me to the church on time' - transport choices for your big day

Working out how to get the bride and bridal party to the wedding ceremony venue is clearly a vital part of the day’s planning – after all, nothing can happen until she arrives. There are so many different options out there, from the traditional to the outlandish. Whatever style wedding you are planning, there is bound to be a form of transport that will fit the theme and vibe of the day.

Automobile aristocracy

Traditionally, many brides and bridal parties are driven to the Wedding Carchurch, register office or other ceremony venue in a luxurious car, such as a Rolls-Royce, Bentley or Jaguar. Gliding to the ceremony in one of these beauties will start the day off on an elegant note, especially if you can track down a vintage model in excellent condition. Such cars also offer fantastic photo opportunities on arrival. Opt for a car hire company that provides a uniformed chauffeur to remove any pressures of finding a driver and to add to the luxury.

Hot wheels

Wedding Super CarFor a higher-octane experience, you can always chooser a super car that will really turn people’s heads. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati – the choice is exciting and wide-ranging. This could be a great way for ‘petrol heads’ to express their love for fast cars, and a way for any guests who own such a vehicle to take part in your wedding. Just make sure they drive carefully on the way and stick to the speed limit.
Horse and carriage

A favourite mode of transport for many celebrity couples in the past, this is a fun way to get to your wedding and, if carefully selected, can be a classy and tasteful option. Advantages include the fact that the bride (and groom) can be seen easily by guests and onlookers from an open-top carriage and, again, the decorated horse will provide superb photo opportunities. Make sure you book through a reputable company who will send people to look after the horse and make sure it is happy and safe.
All aboard

As wedding planning becomes more and more personal, with couples choosing to customise every aspect, so more unusual modes of transport are becoming more popular. Transporting the bridal party, and even the guest to and from the venue by a vintage Routemaster bus, for example, can be a really fun way to make your wedding stand out. Or for rural settings, tractors and trailers bedecked with haybales and flowers offer a lovely, relaxed alternative.
Shanks’ pony

Finally, if you are lucky enough for your wedding ceremony venue to be close enough to where you are getting ready, why not walk between the two places for the ultimate in budget-saving, chilled-out transport? You could walk with your family, or your guests to make everyone feel part of the celebrations right from the off, and it allows members of the public to stop and wish you well on your journey to the ceremony. If you like the sound of this, consider buying two pairs of shoes – one pair of flats for the walk and then some heels for the wedding itself.


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