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Guide to Unusual Wedding Words and Phrases

Favours? Cocktail hour? Tossing bouquet? Sometimes getting married feels like having to learn a whole new language!

To explain some of the more unusual wedding-related words and phrases, here’s our quick guide:

Bridaller: If the term ‘wedding guest’ feels slightly bland, try calling friends and family ‘bridallers’ instead. 

According to the singular of the word ­ Bridaller - means ‘a guest at a wedding’.

Trosseau: This wildly romantic sounding word comes from the French word ‘troussel’ and historically relates to items a bride needed to start married life, such as, linens, crockery and clothes. 

Today the word is associated with luxurious lingerie a bride buys for her honeymoon.            

Wedding Favours: ­ Favours are small gifts from the couple given to guests (or ‘Bridallers’) for sharing their special day.   

Cocktail Hour:­ This is the name given to the time slot after the ceremony and before the reception begins where cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served.

Tossing bouquet: ­ A bride’s bouquet is not only a beautiful keepsake but quite heavy. 
To avoid injury, florists often create a smaller ‘stunt’ version for the bride to use to perform the tradition of throwing the bouquet.

Wedding Breakfast: ­ The main meal at a wedding is referred to as the wedding breakfast simply because it is the first meal the bride and groom will enjoy as a married couple. 

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