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How to be the Perfect Guest at an Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding GuestsAn Indian wedding typically lasts three days ­ On the first day the couple and close family members get together to perform ‘Ganesh Puja’, a prayer to Lord Ganesh for good luck.
Day two usually starts with the Mehndi ceremony where the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with intricate henna designs. The latter part of the day is the much anticipated wedding Sangeet; a huge party attended by friends and family.
Day three comprises of the religious wedding ceremony and reception.          
Indian WeddingsRead your invitation carefully as this will indicate which part, or parts, of the three day celebration you are invited to.
Dress Code: Traditional dress isn’t obligatory but if you do wear it, your effort will be appreciated. Alternatively, opulence is the key.
For women, brightly coloured outfits accessorised with plenty of eye-catching jewellery will blend in beautifully. Men should opt for traditional Indian wear or a stylish full suit. 
The gift: ­ Unlike western weddings where guests choose gifts from a set wedding list, it is traditional to give money at Indian weddings to support the start of a couple’s life together.  
Get on the dance floor.­ One thing’s for sure Indian weddings are lively!
Music and dancing are an integral part of the celebration. Alongside traditional wedding songs, expect to hear hit Bollywood tunes and even the latest UK chart toppers.
Whatever the music style, the most important contribution you can make is to show you’re having a great time by joining in!
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