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How to hand-make the perfect wedding

We are currently seeing a resurgence of some of the more traditional crafts, so how better to put these skills to good use than planning a hand-made wedding? The happy couple themselves could be gifted crafters or there could be several talented guests who might be inspired to make something lovely. Either way, there are plenty of options for adding some delightful hand-made touches to your wedding day.

wedding embroideryEmbroidery

Creating beautiful designs using needle and thread is a wonderful way to add elegance and style to all kinds of areas of a wedding. The obvious area is the bridal party’s outfits – if you are, or know a confident embroiderer you can enjoy beautiful, bespoke additions to the wedding dress, bridesmaids’ outfits and even the men’s cravats, waistcoats or handkerchiefs. Or how about embroidering little organza or satin bags for wedding party members to keep their valuables in during the day?

wedding oragamiOrigami

The Japanese art of folding paper into intricate shapes can make reception tables look amazing. Napkins can receive the origami treatment, as can place settings, menus and even favours. You might like to lay out spare paper supplies and instructions for any guests wanting to have a go themselves after the speeches. Don’t forget the ceremony venue too – beautifully folded paper flowers can look lovely next to, or instead of, their natural counterparts.

Dandelion BouquetFlower power

Talking of flowers, there are countless ways in which someone green-fingered or talented in floristry can contribute to wedding décor. Alongside the bridal bouquet, buttonholes and venue displays, you or your guests might like to grow some scented bulbs in advance, timing them so they will be in full bloom by the big day. Or you could dry rose petals and mix them with lavender heads to produce your own, environmentally-friendly confetti.

wedding calligraphyCalligraphy

The art of writing ornate script is one to be envied and something that can turn your wedding invitations into a souvenir to be cherished. If you are lucky enough to know someone skilled at calligraphy, you might be able to persuade them to write out your invitations, place settings and table plans to add a real touch of class to your wedding day paperwork.

wedding homemadeAnd so on…

Crafting doesn’t have to stop there. Do you know anyone who could make you some candles? Whip up a batch of sweets or biscuits to hand out as favours? Homemade cocktails or punch would be a nice gesture straight after the ceremony while your guests wait for the photos to be taken. Or how about some handmade silver or beaded jewellery, either for the bride to wear or to give to her attendants and female family members to make the wedding day truly unique?

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