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How to Light Up Your Outdoor Wedding in Style

More and more couples are choosing to hold outdoor weddings in the Great British countryside. And who can blame them with so many diverse, beautiful backdrops to choose? 

From forest glades to pretty garden gazebos, you can’t beat the old-fashioned romance of marrying outdoors. If you are keen to add a little extra romance by marrying at sunset, don’t let the dark cast a shadow on your wedding party.  


Here are four stylish ways to light up your wedding after the sun goes down:              

Garland lights - light garlands come in array of designs, including vintage roses, white rattan hearts and traditional fairy lights. Garlands are great for creating a warm, white romantic glow. Hang from trees and shrubs for an informal look or create a striking light curtain effect by hanging in rows.

Hanging chandeliers -­ vintage chandeliers look stunning in wedding marquees, yurts and gazebos. You can even hang them from trees for an enchanted woodland look.  Although not the cheapest option, the effect is truly magical.

Check out sites such as Pinterest for inspiration and regional chandelier hire companies for pricing.      

Tea lights in Glass Jars - tea lights are an effective and affordable way to light up an outdoor wedding venue. Place them around your ceremony location (check with your venue first) and on tables if your wedding party is dining alfresco.   

Keep in mind that tea lights only give out a limited amount of light, so you may want to use additional lighting. Also tea lights have a habit of going out so it may be worth investing in some pretty candle holders.     

Lanterns - Lanterns and outdoor wedding locations go hand-in-hand. Available in a huge variety of styles, from hanging paper lanterns to rustic jam jars, lanterns look super stylish and emit plenty of light. They also are fairly lightweight so can be suspended from tree branches and beams easily.  

However, like tea lights, lanterns can flicker and fade in the breeze. If you don’t want appoint your chief bridesmaid as ‘official candle lighter’, a reliable alternative are quality LED tea lights.  

The Pavilion at Lane End host several exclusive outdoor weddings a year at our country wedding location in Buckinghamshire. We can help you plan the perfect day, from providing a magical open-air wedding venue to planning your perfect lighting scheme. 

For further details contact us on our official website or call us today on 01494 881171.

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