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New Year Resolutions for brides and grooms

Pavilion December 2017Blog One: New Year Resolutions for brides and grooms Are you getting married in 2018? In amidst all the excitement and planning it can be hard to pin down the more important aspects of your preparations for the big day. A great way to focus the mind at this time of year is to put together a special set of New Year Resolutions to help you plan the perfect day. Here is a ‘top ten’ list of nuptial resolutions to consider, courtesy of The Pavilion. We hope they provide some inspiration...


1. Save the date

It’s never too early to announce your wedding date and to ask your friends andfamily to keep the date (or a shortlist of dates) free. There are some lovely ideas for specially printed ‘save the date’ cards to order online, or you can make your own.

2. Book the basics

Making early decisions about key elements of your wedding day will allow you greater choice, as popular venues, photographers and florists can get booked months or even years in advance. So, make the most of some spare time over Christmas to do some research and work out a list of options to investigate in January.

3. Say ‘yes’ to the dress

Again, shopping around early for your dress will allow you plenty of time to consider all the options and provide lots more availability amongst designers, seamstresses and bridal shops.

4. Draw up the guest list

Deciding who to invite to a wedding can be a minefield, especially if other members of the family become involved. Muster your courage and sit down with everyone involved to decide who you would like to include. You may need to addassertiveness to your list of desired traits for 2018...

5. Keep the faith

Are you planning a religious ceremony? Many celebrants will ask engaged couples to attend marriage preparation classes, or to undergo other forms of faith-based instruction before making the solemn commitment of marriage. Make sure you have arranged this in plenty of time to suit your chosen ceremony date.

6. Be prepared

Other forms of preparation will come in the form of legal formalities, admin and paperwork. Make sure you know well in advance what you have to do to secure your marriage licence and the paperwork you need to sort out to make your union legally binding.

7. Practice makes perfect

Are any of your friends or family members providing live music, doing a reading, spinning the discs or offering any other forms of entertainment at your wedding? Make it a resolution now to talk to them about what you would like them to do and give them plenty of time to rehearse and perfect their performance.

8. Food of love

Have you chosen your menu yet? Often, festive parties and get-togethers will feature dishes and drinks that you might have not considered before, but could now become centrepieces for your wedding feast. Keep an open mind this Christmas and keep your eye out for potential nuptial fare.

9. Honeymoon

As with the wedding venue, booking the honeymoon in plenty of time will enable you to have as wide a choice of destinations as possible. It could also save you a fortune in early bookings and special deals, depending on your destination. Are your passports and any visas you may need up to date?

10.Have fun

Finally, make a resolution to have fun and remember the real reason why you are marrying each other this year. Don’t let the planning, booking and choosing get in the way of the fact that you are about to marry the person you love most in the world in front of guests who mean a lot to you. Enjoy the build-up to your special day.

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