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Planning a Christmas wedding

Getting married at Christmas brings a special kind of magic to proceedings. Everyone is already in a good mood and ready to rock around the Christmas tree. Here’s how to inject more of that festive season vibe into your special day.


A winter wedding brings to mind sumptuous velvets, soft marabou fur and plenty of sparkle in the wedding fabrics. Not just for the ladies, either. A great way to tie the men’s outfits in with the theme is with red, green or gold ties, cravats and handkerchiefs, or an unashamedly festive waistcoat. 


Choosing winter flowers can be harder than other seasons, simply due to the limited colours and blooms available. Don’t let that put you off. A bridal bouquet containing branches of holly, ivy and fir will look amazing, especially against a white, ivory or silver dress, while the chance to add a sprig of mistletoes must surely not be overlooked. If you are determined to have more colourful flowers, look at the Christmas rose or poinsettia, which will look amazing teamed with gypsophila or peace lilies.


Don’t choose a fancy car just for the sake of it if you want to consider a sleigh festooned with tinsel and baubles instead. Or a carriage pulled by reindeer. Why not? Let your imagination go wild. Even if you do opt for the car, think of ways you could decorate it to look really festive. Place a wreath across the back windscreen, spray the car with fake snow or glitter and swap those tin cans tied to the back of the car with some long strands of tinsel.


The question of whether to go for a traditional Christmas dinner with turkey and trimmings, or to pick something less traditional will be an entirely personal matter, based on your guests, your own preferences and the date of your wedding. Too close to 25 December and you run the risk of your guests suffering from turkey overload. If you want to play it safe, you could always pay homage to the season by serving a plate of warm mince pies after the main meal.


Finally, a Christmas wedding brings with it all kinds of options for themed entertainment. How you interpret it is up to you – do you visualise a celestial choir singing Silent Night as you float down the aisle? Or are you thinking more about the DJ whacking up the volume as Slade screams out his Christmas message during the dancing? Either way, choosing festive music is a great way to enhance your theme and put your guests in the right mood for a Christmas celebration.

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