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Popping the question: how to do it in style....

Proposing to your loved one can be one of life’s scarier moments. What if he or she says no? What if they hate the ring? Yet if all goes according to plan, it can be the start of a wonderful period of excitement and anticipation in the run-up to the wedding day, followed by years of married bliss.

Deciding how to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage will depend entirely on both of your personalities, life experiences and personal values. You should never be persuaded to try something that does not fit in with how you both like to do things. One person may revel in being proposed to publicly, on one knee in a restaurant or at a football match, while another would find that the worst experience imaginable.

You will know what is best for your own particular circumstances, but here are five fun ways to consider popping the question.

Wedding-Popping-the-QuestionMemory lane

Take your partner to a place that is special to you both before asking them for to marry you. Perhaps you could come up with a tour of special venues, such as the place you first met or had your first date, followed by your first house or your first proper day trip or holiday together. You could produce a photo album of special moments and save the final page to write your question. Have your camera ready to capture their (hopefully positive!) reply.

An ordinary moment

Keep them guessing by choosing perfectly normal moment to propose. Hide the ring box in an egg carton and then causally ask if they fancy some breakfast. Have the ring posted to them (or simply drop it through the letterbox yourself) and enquire whether they have received anything good in the mail. Slip it into their coat pocket before suggesting a walk in the countryside. Let them know that being with them every day makes even the most routine occasions special for you. 

Write it down

Do you live near the beach, or are you planning a holiday or trip to the sea? Writing your question in huge letters across the sand will certainly get the message across. Or if you are planning a winter engagement, wait until it snows and melt their heart with a written proposal across the back lawn. If money is no object, could you hire a plane to write the words you need high in the sky, or to fly a banner over your partner’s home town?

Festive fun

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year to propose. Try popping the ring into an openable bauble and hang it on the tree for your partner to find. Or wrap up the box and hide it amongst their presents. A fun way to conceal it is like those Russian nesting dolls – put the ring box inside several larger boxes and have your partner open each one in turn until they reach the ring and look up to find you on bended knee. Or you could tuck the ring into a bouquet of festive flowers or a hamper of cheese and wine.

Treasure hunt

Creative proposers might like to make a game out of the while thing by devising a treasure hunt or trail, which will have the ring as the prize at the end. You could write clues based on your relationship so far, or simply lay a trail of flower petals to lead your partner to the ring, or the question written in a beautiful card. Maybe have them hunt for letters or complete a jigsaw that spells out your all-important question.

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