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Say it with flowers: charming symbolism of floristry

When it comes to selecting the flowers for your wedding bouquet, there are thousands of different colours, shapes, sizes and scents to choose from. One delightful way to narrow down the options is to explore the Victorian art of 'saying it with flowers'. Many a lover sent his sweetheart a bouquet crammed with hidden meanings, designed to tempt and tantalise his beloved without falling foul of society's strict expectations of a wooing gentleman. Ladies would pore over their floral gift, working out what the blooms were saying about their suitor’s intentions.

This resulted in some charming meanings being attached to flowers, that could be woven into modern-day bridal bouquets to add an extra touch of intrigue. Here are some popular blooms of the Victorian era, and what they symbolise when placed in a bouquet.

Blossom BouqetAcacia blossom

This sweet flower symbolises hidden love, beauty in retirement and chaste affection. Suitable for older couples perhaps, or those who had to overcome shyness to become engaged.

Crocus BouquetCrocus

This delightful spring flower would brighten any wedding bouquet and means ‘cheerfulness’, which should be in abundance on the couple's big day.

Dandelion BouquetDandelion

While modern brides may not immediately think of the humble dandelion as a floral delight, they should not turn this plant down quite so quickly. It symbolises faithfulness and happiness; two bedrocks of a successful marriage.

Forget me not bouqetForget-me-not

The name says it all. This pretty blue flower is linked to long memories and true love. A perfect way to express hopes and dreams at the start of married life.

Ivy BouqetIvy

A perennial favourite for many florists, due to its variegated green leaves, attractive shape and romantically trailing stems. Ivy represents wedded bliss, thus making it the perfect choice for the bridal bouquet.

Myrtle BouqetMyrtle

Another charming plant linked to marriage. Put simply, it represents love. Enough said.

Poinsetta BouqetPoinsettia

Great for a December wedding, this colourful plant not only evokes yuletide celebration, but also sends the message 'be of good cheer'. Advice to heed at the wedding reception.

Rose BouqetRose

Roses have always been a popular wedding flower. The different colours symbolise different things, with red roses waving the flag for romantic love, white ones depicting innocence and yellow blooms denoting true friendship.

Lily BouqetTiger Lily

Tiger lilies are linked to wealth and prosperity, so it might not be a bad idea to include a couple of stems. After all, you are about to vow to stick together, "...for richer, for poorer..."

Zinnia bouqetZinnia

Different colours have different meanings, however the main message given by this beautiful flower is lasting friendship, constancy and affection. Who could ask for more?


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