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Sweet love: celebrating Chocolate Week

Good news for chocolate lovers: Chocolate Week starts on 9 October! A whole week dedicated to the sweet stuff seems like a dream come true, especially when you are searching for inspiration for an autumn wedding. It’s not too late to incorporate chocolate into your special day – and we don’t just mean on the desserts table, either.

Chocolate Week

1. Colour me chocolate

Rich, chocolatey creams and browns make wonderful wedding colour themes, especially in autumn. Consider using them in the happy couple’s accessories, the bridesmaids’ dresses and page boys’ outfits or the groomsmen’s suits. Chocolatey tones will also look amazing reflected in the flowers, table decorations and invitations for a cohesive, decadent feel. Make up your own confetti with chocolate-coloured tissue paper and flower petals. Or channel your inner Willy Wonka with a brightly coloured sweetie theme with vibrant swirls of red, purple, yellow and gold!

2. Sweet memories

Use the chocolates of your childhood to add a personal touch. You could name the tables at your reception after your favourite confectionary treats, or wrap up a couple of bars to give your guests as wedding favours. Why not tempt people of all ages with a selection of chocolates laid out in pretty bowls. For some extra fun, you could devise a chocolate-themed quiz for the guests to try with questions around chocolate. 

3. Magic ingredient

More and more dishes are incorporating chocolate now, as chefs and foodies become more ambitious with their flavours. Think about creating a chocolate-themed menu that goes from the welcome canapes right through to coffee with the chocolate wedding cake. Chocolate and chilli makes an unusual, but delicious combination and there are even several drinks, both alcoholic and soft, that contain chocolate. You could have chocolatier Cocoa Cream create personalised chocolate truffles to provide your guests with an individualized gift or as name place settings with the guests name on, they can even provide impressive chocolate centre pieces! 

4. The food of love?

Take a moment to think of all the songs you know that include chocolates or sweets in their titles, or band names. Sweets for my Sweet? My Boy Lollipop? Chocolate Symphony? Galaxy Girl? (OK, perhaps we’re stretching it a bit too far here, but you get the point…). Ask your DJ to make up a playlist full of sugar and spice to get people in the mood for dancing.

5. Delicious Honeymoon

If you want to continue the chocolate theme for longer, you could always make it the inspiration for your honeymoon. Visit a cocoa-producing country, such as Ghana, Indonesia, Ecuador or Brazil. Visit the top chocolate sports of Europe to indulge in Belgian or Swiss chocolates that melt in the mouth. Or if you cannot afford or do not want to go away on honeymoon, celebrate the start of married life with a chocolate-making day or tour round a chocolate factory.

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