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The Food of love - five harmonious ideas for live music at your wedding

Weddings are the perfect occasion to enjoy some live music. With emotions already running high, what better way to express and react to them than through enjoying the talents of a beautiful soloist or chamber group performing during the ceremony before strutting your stuff on the dance floor in front of a live band playing your best tunes? So, if music really is the food of love, how do you choose what to put on the menu?


The pure sound of a solo soprano voice soaring over the guests as the couple sign the register will reduce the stoniest wedding guest to tears. Likewise, a single violin or flute will send shivers down the spine and leave a lasting impression. Choose a piece for your soloist to performer that suits your ceremony venue and wedding day style. An operatic aria would suit grand surroundings and sumptuous decorations, while a simpler folksong or madrigal would go down well in a smaller register office and more informal attire. For religious ceremonies, there is a wealth of glorious music to choose from with evocative lyrics and uplifting music going back centuries.

Or if you prefer a more modern feel, choosing the couple’s favourite ballad or pop song will add a wonderful, personal touch. Just check the words are suitable for the solemnity of the moment.


Inviting a choir to perform at your ceremony or reception venue will add beautiful layers of harmony that will never be forgotten. Different choirs sing in different styles, from sacred music to gospel, rock to pop. Again, choose a choir and a style to suit your individual day and make sure you have listened to them perform in advance so that you are happy with their sound.

As choirs can also vary in number of members, costume styles, accompaniment requirements etc., make sure you have discussed their logistical needs with their leader and double check that your venue can accommodate them. Can the whole choir physically fit in the area allocated for their performance? Are there enough power sockets, speakers, microphones, music stands, pianos etc. for their needs? Do they need a licence to perform? And how will you pay them – do they want cash to hand out to each member on the day or will they accept credit card or online payment in advance?


Just like booking a choir, a band or group of musicians will come with precise requirements regarding venue space, set up and facilities. They will also normally come with a pre-agreed playlist and expectations regarding play times, rest breaks, rehearsal and warm-up arrangements and the provision of food and drink. They will also need a secure space to store their valuables, instrument cases, coats etc. while they play.

Again, you will need to make sure you are totally happy with their style and approach to their music. Ask to hear their demo tape or find out if they have uploaded previous performances to a video sharing site. They may even offer to hold a mini performance for you to check out their repertoire and talent before you finalise your booking. Music is such a subjective aspect of a wedding, especially when it is live, so you should only proceed with the booking if you are 100% happy with their music.

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