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Wedding Favours - Handcrafted Chocolate Truffles

chocolate-favorsWe would like to share with you some exquisite wedding favours ­ handcrafted chocolates presented in the most stunning boxes, each one embossed with the names of the Bride and Groom. 

These mouth-watering beauties are made by the award-winning Chocolatier Paul Hargreaves from Cocoa and Cream. Paul is inspired by simplicity and style, he finds inspiration in the many Chocolatiers that can be found all over Paris. In fact, this is where he found the idea for his boxes and presentation, and today his boxes are produced by the same company that supplies many high-end Chocolatiers in Paris. 

Paul trained at Harrods ­ probably one of the best places in the UK to train as a Pastry Chef. Paul quickly developed a keen interest in sugar art and went to the US and Switzerland to explore sugar art, learning how to create intricate detail using boiled sugar. 

The full range of chocolate wedding favours includes, amongst others, Earl Grey, lemon grass and a fresh mint flavour. Paul has won awards for his innovative use of flavour and unique approach to getting these flavours into the chocolate truffles. 

Chocolate truffle favours start from as little as £3pp for a selection of 4 handcrafted chocolate treats. 

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