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Wedding trends for 2018

Are you counting down the days to your 2018 wedding? As this year begins to draw to a close, we look at some of the trends that will be popular next year. From transparent decor to ultra-feminine dress details, there will be much to inspire you over the next twelve months.

The dress

According to devotees of New York Bridal Fashion Week, there are plenty of twists on the romantic classic style to look forward to. Sleeves are gaining in prominence, with some unusual shapes coming through. Feminine touches such as feathers, ruffles, bows and pearls will be popular too, as will pops of dramatic colours, such as dark reds, bold blues and even gothic blacks represented in recent catwalk displays.

The flowers

Vibrant colours are in for 2018 florals, with bright pinks and purples for spring bouquets and yellows and oranges for the autumn. Using flowers in other ways is also gaining momentum, for example in floral headdresses and circlets or as chair or decorations or given away in wedding favours.

The guests

Many brides and grooms are coming to the conclusion of ‘less is more’. Rather than throwing extravagant bashes for hundreds of people their barely know, today’s couples are opting more and more for more intimate occasions that share the celebrations with the friends and family they genuinely want to see. This enables the happy couple to spend the wedding budget on the people and things that really matter to them, rather than catering for the masses.

The decor

One trend coming through strongly is the use of glass, pearls, iridescent beads and other transparent or polished materials. This appeals to minimalist tastes, enhances the available light and creates clean, elegant lines to show off the details of your dress or flowers. Another nice touch is to add a couple of lightboxes into the mix. Highly popular right now, they can be used to write all kinds of fun messages, from pointing out where to sign the guest book to lighting up the newly-weds’ new names to the world. You may also like: Get the WOW factor with your wedding decorations

The food

The undisputed reign of the three-course wedding breakfast may well be coming to an end, as modern pretenders vie for a piece of the action. Modern couples are eschewing tradition for the sake of it and instead choosing to celebrate their union with the thing they genuinely love, such as large sharing platters, portable pizza ovens and gourmet food vans serving fish and chips, tacos or curry. Other alternative options that are rising in popularity include Mexican and Japanese cuisine, including sushi, beautifully presented on ice.

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